Laura Mathy: born to win

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She's a chip off the old block. Laura Mathy, the 2017 European young rider team silver medallist, daughter of Belgium’s François Mathy, the individual bronze medallist at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, was the winner of the Hôtel de Paris class of the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show’s CSI 2*. With Gantira, the lady rider finished ahead of France’s Nina Mallevaey and Tisele du Park and America’s Kerry Mc Cahill and Cadensky. “I’m really happy to start the show like this. It’s really motivating for me and my horses to begin with a win. I really want to give it my all throughout the whole weekend (laughs). Gantira is 8-years-old, I’ve been riding her since the beginning of this summer. She’s a real winner. When she’s in the ring, she has a winning mindset and performs perfectly. The round this morning was superb. It’s good to start in 1m30 classes, as they allow you to try to go fast. Gantira will compete in the 1m30 classes for the next two days. I’m keeping Penta, my other mare, for 1m40 classes and the Grand Prix,” explained the winner of the Hôtel de Paris class.