Years ago, in the heart of Umbria, a small newborn company put itself against common market logic: the name is Bottega Conticelli, specialized in luxury accessories. The unique style and quality of the raw material inprinted in all the company’s creations distinct the unmatched class and signature of a brand truly representing the Italian excellence. Care for details and good taste are the qualities that make Bottega Conticelli so well-established in its market area. These are the characteristics reflected in the uncomparable fashion of each product. Great hand made collection, Luxury horse blankets, and many other accessories are particularly outstanding for the classy touch, the attention, and the passion characterizing Bottega Conticelli’s productions processes.

Bottega Conticelli has represented Italian excellence for years on the international market. The company, with its expertise on luxury accessories production, was born from the ideas and passion of Stefano Conticelli's. He showed determination and willpower in transforming his dream in a recognised, estimated and top-quality reality.

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30 May - 1 June